Master’s degree Management and Media

After successfully completing the B.A. Management and Media students can enroll for the M.A. degree Management and Media. This program intensifies the contents of the B.A. courses and focuses on research-oriented and scientific work. Students can individually choose between two focus areas: Strategic Communication and Journalism Studies.



If students choose the focus area of Strategic Communication they will dive into the world of communication management – a topic under which new research areas are emerging within business administrative science as well as within social science-oriented communication research. The fields of employment of strategic communication management are political communication, public affairs and corporate communication.

Compared to public relations, which is understood and employed as a tool of organizational governance, strategic communication is the integration of internal and external communication into the management of an organization. Communication management is thereby part of creating and implementing a certain strategy in an organization.

If students’ interests guide them towards the focus area of Journalism Studies they will earn competences with which they qualify for an occupation in the field of journalism and for editorial tasks in public relations and organizational communication as well as for media management.

The focus lies, for example, on a multi-perspective analysis of media change that fundamentally shapes and changes journalism today. Journalistic quality, media convergence and innovative journalism are key reference points during this program.  

In practically-oriented research projects students earn on the one hand necessary skills for the management of media projects and gain hands-on experience within applied sciences on the other hand.  

Aside from the conception, production and analysis of journalistic products, communication science knowledge will enable students to anticipate and analyze the effects of different media contents.

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