Civil Applicants

Students at the Bundeswehr University in Munich are generally soldiers completing a career as an officer. Civilians may take part in one of the degree programs if there are capacities within the chosen program; and if a company or public institution affiliated with the German Armed Forces takes over the tuition fees. That is also the case at the Faculty of Business Administration, within the degree programs B.A. /M.A. Management and Media.  Civil applicants can enroll in the program as industry scholarship holders through cooperation agreements with companies, organizations and public institutions affiliated with the military.  

The B.A. degree program starts in October, the M.A. degree program in April of each year.

Prerequisites for enrollment and entry requirements

For the enrollment of students in any degree and course program at the UniBw Munich Art. 82 BayHSchG applies according to the Bavarian University Law within the regulation of Art. 80 Abs. 1 BayHSchG for non-state universities holding a state accreditation.  

These provisions are complemented by the UniBw M’s examination regulations. For all students in cooperation agreements (industry scholarship holders) it is necessary that the cooperating company is affiliated to the German Armed Forces and that it takes over the tuition fees. Additionally the regulations of each contract with the partner company/institution apply.


Contact for prospective students and civilians

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Goderbauer-Marchner

Professor for Print and Online Journalism

Dean of Studies Institute of Journalism Studies

Bundeswehr University Munich

Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39

85577 Neubiberg

Phone: +49 89 6004-3161



General Information

Achim Vogel, M.A.

Phone: +49 89 6004-3244



Further Information:

Prerequisites for studying at the Bundeswehr University (in German)

Enrollment regulations (in German)

Documents degree program Management and Media

Dep. of Business Administration

B. 36, Room 0161
Tel. +49-(0)89-6004-4255
Fax. +49-(0)89-6004-2262