Overview compulsory modules

The B.A. degree program contains a total of 15 compulsory modules.

Media-related compulsory modules

Journalism, focus area print and online journalism, as well as TV and radio journalism
Within four trimesters journalistic basics are laid in the areas of online, print, audio and video. Thereby, journalistic genres, language and style, and academic writing are in the focus of teaching. 

Communication Sciences
Within two trimesters at the beginning of the program, this module offers an introduction into communication sciences, media systems and journalism cultures, as well as quantitative and qualitative research methods, media effects and media psychology.

Media Sociology and Media Management
This compulsory module last one trimester. It contains media history, media economy and media marketing as well as media and communication ethics.  

Organizational Communication I and II
Over a period of four trimesters this module facilitates basics in organizational communication, the theory of target groups and of target group management, that of strategy and planning, of issue and trend management, as well as change and crisis communication.  


Management-oriented compulsory modules

Balancing, Annual Account Analysis and Accounting
In the first year of the degree program two trimesters cover accounting, balancing and annual account analysis. Students will work with case studies.

Market-oriented Business Management
Over a period of two trimesters this module is dedicated to basics in marketing, branding and brand management, as well as event management.

Business Mathematics and Statistics
Also for two trimesters within the first year, this module teaches basics in business mathematics and statistics.

Political Economy and Business Politics basics
In the second program year two trimesters are dedicated to political economy and business politics, both including lab courses.

Human Resource Management
Also in the second year of the degree program, this module covers two trimesters and contains human resource management and organizational behavior, both including case studies.

This module during the second year facilitates basics in business private law, employment law and media law.

Operations Management and Logistics
During the third year students learn about operations management and logistics. The module takes two trimesters and includes lab courses.

Business and Project Management
Also during the third year and within two trimesters, this module covers organizational theory and strategy, organization methods and project organization, as well as project management.

Business and Media Informatics
In the third year of the degree program, over a period of two trimesters, this module contains basics in data processing and modelling as well as business administrative application systems.


Further information regarding compulsory modules and optional compulsory modules can be found in the module handbook (in German).

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