Internships are an important part of any degree program. Thereby, students have the opportunity to practice their gained knowledge outside the university for the first time.

During the B.A. degree program two internships are to be completed: The first one at the end of the first year, the second one at the end of the second year. Both internships last ten weeks each and are to be completed during trimester break time (July-September).

Students should complete their first internship in the field of media/journalism or communication management. Possible employers are:

  • Press offices of companies and other organizations.
  • Newsrooms in print, TV or radio broadcasting stations
  • Different agencies

The second internship can again be undertaken in the field of media/journalism or communication management or in the business field. The students can set substantial focus points according to individual preferences.

Military as well as civil internship employers are possible.

You can find all necessary information and paper forms under documents.

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