Aim of the Bachelor’s degree program

The aim of the B.A. degree program is an interdisciplinary scientific and practically-oriented education that combines management skills and media-related competence.
The bachelor’s degree program sets out the base for activities in the professional fields of journalism, communication- and media management.
A broad journalistic education in print, online, audio and video qualifies students for professions in the field of journalism. Graduates also master processes and techniques of media design and content production. Additionally, the competent knowledge transfer about contents is guaranteed through profound subject-specific knowledge of business administration and communication science.
The qualification in die professional field of communication management as based on a comprehensive education in the areas of communication sciences, organizational communication, public relations and marketing, as well as in controlling of the applied instruments. Graduates influence the media environment of organizations in a target-oriented manner and plan, design and control all communication with stakeholders such as clients, investors, state and society. Journalistic competences add to the interdisciplinary profile and prepare for management positions in communication departments of state and non-state organizations.
The qualification in the professional field of media management is guaranteed through a profound media-scientific and business-economic education. Graduates hold a comprehensive understanding of the media landscape and economy, subject-specific knowledge of business administration and political economy, journalism, communication management and law. This interdisciplinary concept enables graduates to plan, design and control business administrative processes in media companies.



Concept of the B.A. degree program

Since the B.A. program educates journalists, communication and media managers that design the media industry itself based on management knowledge, the program includes each 50% management-related and media-related contents.

Within the management-oriented modules students gain basic knowledge of business administration and political economy as well as business law. Thereby, the theoretical and methodological base is laid for a deeper understanding of management and optimization of business administrative-relevant processes and structures in military and civil fields of application.

Within the media-related modules students gain knowledge in practically-oriented courses, such as journalistic research and writing, newsroom management, as well as basics in communication sciences.

Further subject areas are journalistic genres, media studies, media law and project management in the media industry. Contents in the field of corporate communication concern public relations, communication management (investor, customers and human resource relations, corporate publishing), as well as event management.

Through a practical (hands-on) media education students discover the occupational field in print, online, TV, radio journalism, learn cross-media techniques and master the basics in media production due to their profound theoretical education. 

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