Bachelor’s degree Management and Media

Students interested in working with and in the media and have an affinity for business topics can enroll in the Bachelor’s degree program Management and Media. The Bundeswehr University offers a certified start into the media business with this B.A. degree.

At the end of the degree program the students qualify for communication managers or publicists and journalists that can be deployed within the military and can also sustain in the civil job market in the media industry at the end of their duty. They hold economic competences as well as expertise in the fields of journalism, communication and media.  

In the management-oriented part of the degree program students gain basic skills in business administration as well as political economy and law.  
In the media-oriented part we teach communication science and journalistic theories. We emphasize practical skills such as research techniques, journalistic formats or skills in the production of online-, print-, audio- and video content.  

The particular features at a glance:

•    High practical relevance

•    Working in small groups

•    Working with professional media technology

•    Own newsroom

•    Exceptionally well-equipped media center

•    Cross-media plattform for student projects

•    Various opportunities of employment within the military and the civil job market.

Dep. of Business Administration

B. 36, Room 0161
Tel. +49-(0)89-6004-4255
Fax. +49-(0)89-6004-2262