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The first job-qualifying degree is the Bachelor of Arts and can be earned within three years. The Master of Arts can be completed in our program within four years.

The aim of the B.A. degree program is an interdisciplinary scientific and professionally-oriented education that establishes a combination of management skills and media-related competences. The course program covers each about 50% management-related and media-related contents. The B.A. program builds up a base for occupations within journalism, communication- and media management. Students learn how to process important facts and circumstances, as well as how to utilize journalistic methods for companies and non-profit-organizations.  



Which professional competences do you gain when studying at the Department of Business Administration?

We educate economically adept communication and media managers, who plan and shape the media environment of companies and NGOs such as the military. Areas of activity are:

  • Journalistic professions: e.g. community and content management, editing, video and online journalism, (economic-) journalism.

  • Communication management professions: e.g. event management, media and information services, organizational communication, public relations and marketing, market research, media planning, press and information services.

  • Media management professions: planning, design and governance of business administrative workflows within media companies.

This degree course program will qualify for occupations within conventional media companies such as newspaper and magazine newsrooms, web-based portals, radio and TV stations. You will also qualify for a job in departments of public relations and corporate or internal communication of companies in the industrial and service sectors, in NGOs such as public administration, associations and international organizations, in politics as well as in freelance occupations.

There are various fields of activity also within the military, for example in the press and information office of the Federal Department of Defense, the Academy for Information and Communication, the Center for Operative Information or the information and media center of the German Armed Forces.



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