Research at the Institute of Organizational Communication

The institute’s professors perform practically-oriented research and development in their specific subject areas. You can find detailed information on the websites.

The following research topics are currently conducted:

  • Collegiate supervision and collegiate coaching (Prof. Dr. Sigrid Rotering-Steinberg)

  • E-Learning in human resource development (Prof. Dr. Sigrid Rotering-Steinberg)

  • Armed Forces communication – result and potential analysis of communication in the security-political context (Prof. Dr. Natascha Zowislo-Grünewald)

External cooperation

Furthermore, there is ongoing cooperation with companies and other academic institutions:

Continuously Prof. Dr. Sigrid Rotering-Steinberg cooperates with the Universität Tübingen, the Universität Hamburg, the Universität Graz and the Federal Finance Academy in Brühl and Berlin as well as the network SoVal in Munich for various research projects.

Dep. of Business Administration

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