Practical work

The current media change leads to a change of the professional profile of a journalist; new competences are at high demand. The Institute of Journalism offers excellent technical equipment in order to educate students adequately.


Crossmedia Newsroom

In the crossmedia newsroom, which is also the newsroom of the Institute of Journalism (IfJ) for teaching purposes, students have the opportunity to develop and produce online and print content in two technically well-equipped rooms. They can produce and work on radio articles, as well as cut and add sound to TV production pieces. Journalistic contents may be produced and sent via all five media channels (online, print, TV, radio, mobile). Classes and research projects of the IfJ are also taught and conducted in these rooms. In small working groups of max. 16 students we offer an ideal combination of theoretical basics with new work practices of journalists today.


Media Center

The media center is a central institution of the Bundeswehr University that provides technical and media-didactic support of teaching and research. The professors of the IfJ, Prof. Dr. Gabriele Goderbauer-Marchner and Prof. Dr. Sonja Kretzschmar, are members of the scientific leadership team. 

The media center offers innovative technical equipment that benefits the students:

  • TV recording studio with innovative camera technology

  • Technical direction for video production in DVCAM standard for electrical picture and audio editing, cutting, subtitling and graphics, as well as mixing of live studio recordings.

  • Video lab with three professional AVID cutting stations.

  • Network compatible and data-based media archive.

  • Sound studio with commentator booth.

  • Seminar room for media development and web classes (max. 30 seats), multimedia applications, as well as for documentation or online projects.

  • Video conference system for online classes.

  • Computer and video large-screening technology.

  • Film and video copying onto DVD,

  • digital dictaphone with flash cards.

Here you can find further information about the media center: 

Dep. of Business Administration

B. 36, Room 0161
Tel. +49-(0)89-6004-4255
Fax. +49-(0)89-6004-2262