Crossmedia Newsroom

In the newsroom at the Institute of Journalism (IfJ) Bachelor and Master students with focus area Journalism Studies will be trained to meet current requirements of the media industry.

In print and online journalism students work in small groups addressing media developments and realization of media products. They work in fields such as journalism, as well as on design and technology for print and online products. In this media laboratory students experience how to develop, conceptualize and implement journalistic ideas through practical seminars and theoretical classes. Daily routine in the newsroom is practically simulated through media lab, language and style exercises. Students also practice market-suitability in journalistic e-publishing projects. Through projects with external partners from the film industry they learn about development, treatment and script writing in theory and practice. Innovative business models in the 21. century are analyzed regarding their market-efficiency.

In TV and radio journalism students produce their own TV and radio shows in small working groups. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills of journalistic genres are taught for TV show productions, such as news in film (NiFs) for news segments in TV shows, magazine contributions, features and anchoring.

For TV productions students also learn how to shoot and cut for different TV formats; thereby, they are supported by qualified camera men and cutters from the media center. For radio productions students learn about different genres and how single contributions, moderations, interviews and questionnaires are conceptualized and produced. These are later offered for usage in radio shows and podcasts. During the M.A. program students convey research projects that deal with conception, production, evaluation and optimizing of journalistic products.

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