Institute of Journalism Studies

At the Institute of Journalism three professorships teach and research in the fields of print and online journalism, TV and radio journalism and international crisis and conflict journalism. Research projects seek to closely combine theory and practice. Teaching contents are (selection):

  • Journalistic genres: print/online

  • Langugage and style: print/online

  • Research and interview techniques: print/online

  • Journalistic organization and management systems

  • Journalistic genres in radio and TV journalism

  • Language and style in radio and TV journalism

  • Research and interview techniques in radio and TV journalism

  • Language training and anchoring

  • Journalism research during media change

  • Quality journalism in theory and practice

  • Innovative journalism

  • Media politics and organization

  • Media history

  • Practical media ethics

  • Publication training

  • National and international media enterprises

  • Film industry

  • Writing workshops

  • Outstanding characters in the media (industry/business)

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