Research at the Institute of Economics and Law

The institute’s professors perform practically-oriented research and development in their specific subject areas. You can find detailed information on the websites.

The following research topics are currently conducted:

  • Protection of personal rights under the pressure of public information interest (Prof. Dr. jur. habil. Marita Körner)

  • Re-regulation of privacy data protection in Europe: draft of an EU-data-protection regulation (Prof. Dr. jur. habil. Marita Körner)

  • Quota regulation of committee compositions in share-holders companies (Prof. Dr. jur. habil. Marita Körner)

  • Chances and risks of a revenue-based solidary-tax (Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Thomas Wüstrich together with Dipl.-Soz. Andreas Hartje and Dr. Nora Knötig), a study supported by the IKK e.V.

  • Social self-administration in statutory health insurances (GKV): „Prerequisites for success of patient and insurance-oriented self-administration through employee representatives“, supported by the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung (Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Thomas Wüstrich together with Dipl-Soz. Andreas Hartje and Dr. Nora Knötig in a joint project with Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Gerlinger and Dr. Rolf Schmucker, Universität Bielefeld).

External  cooperation

Furthermore, there is ongoing cooperation with companies and other academic institutions.  Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Thomas Wüstrich cooperates with the Department of Social and Health Politics of the DGB, the IG Metall and is a member of the ver.di Science Network.

  • Prof. Dr. jur. habil. Marita Körner is a member in the association committee of the labour court union, the comittee for employment law, commercial law and gender equality issues of the German Female Lawyer Union. She holds cooperation relations with the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, the International Industrial Relations Association and the German Institute of Human Rights through different research projects. Furthermore, there is ongoing international cooperation: Prof. Dr. Marita Körner teaches as a guest professor at the Universität Paris X – Nanterre and since 1994 in the German-French study program at the Université Paris Ouest. Regarding international research projects there is cooperation with the European University Institute in Florence as well as at the Université Aix-Marseille and the International Labour Organisation in Genf.

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