Quality Management

The quality of our degree programs is ensured by means of periodic and systematic  course evaluations and other quality development tools.


Professors’ participation

The professors teaching in the course programs are actively involved in the degree's quality management. During regular professorial meetings the subject-specific and didactical development as well as the development of the entire program plays a key role.

Students’ participation

The students were involved in the programs' conception through their representatives in the committee and participate actively– also beyond class evaluations – in decision-making processes that concern the programs' development and quality management.

Regular class evaluations

One of the Bundeswehr University’s main goals is to ensure high quality in teaching, research and postgraduate training, as well as constant contemporary practical reference of its educational program. Due to the university’s self-conception, research quality and intensity are a necessary prerequisite for quality and actuality of teaching contents. Research and teaching together are the fundamental requirements for an education that is based on the contemporary needs of the civil work market and an itself transitioning German Bundeswehr.


There are teaching evaluations of various courses to ensure the quality management of all degrees at the Bundeswehr University since 2001. Back then all courses were assessed paper-based or online without exception. In order to maintain the students’ motivation for evaluations, selective class assessment procedures in a two-year rotation were established and are since regularly conducted and documented by the colleges and institutes. 

To improve the evaluation procedure, the assessment is conducted software-based: EvaSys Education offers the advantage of an assessment along with individual faculty needs online and paper-based.


For the regulation of goals, contents and procedures of assessment the Bundeswehr University upholds an evaluation order that contains guidelines for the protection of private data in order to guarantee secure handling of the collected data throughout the university.

You can find detailed information in the evaluation order and the current questionnaire of the Department of Business Administration.  

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