From „Economics” to "Management and Media"

There has been a practically-oriented business degree program in Neubiberg long before the founding of the Bundeswehr University. In 1971 the Air Force Technical Academy was approved as a private University of Applied Sciences in Bavaria with a Business degree program.

From then on the former Air Force Technical Academy was called “Air Force University of Applied Sciences”. The students were Air Force officers that were meant to serve in the logistics department.

The University of Applied Sciences was incorporated in the Bundeswehr University in 1973. The Business degree program was assigned to the Department of Economics and Organizational Sciences as a practically-oriented degree. The course program was adapted to the three-year reform concept based on trimesters and was to be completed with the academic degree “Diplom Betriebswirt”.

In 1983 the independent College of Business Administration was founded. Aside from this program’s professorships, the professorships of Mathematics and Informatics were also administered to the College of Business Administration functioning as an intersection of all practically-oriented degree programs. In 1991 all professorships of educational and social sciences programs, that had been part of university departments until then, were allocated to the College of Business Administration as another scientific institution.  


Realignment of the Faculty

In 2007 the College of Business Administration was renamed into “Department of Business Administration”. At this point the German university landscape was undergoing a drastic phase of reorganization in order to meet the newly demanded degree structures according to the Bologna Reform.

Due to a “generation change” in multiple professorships at the Department of Business Administration, there was an opportunity to combine the transition into a two-step degree program with the professionally qualifying Bachelor and Master degrees. This meant a new profile for the faculty with an essential realignment of all academic course program.

Starting in 2007 the concept of an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree with a Business Administrative and a Communication Sciences/Journalism orientation was established. With the reassignment of four professorships, human resources were set for a new media-oriented profile of the faculty and the introduction of a new course program was initiated.

With the class of 2009 the classical Business degree Diplom-Betriebswirt ended and in 2010 the newly developed Bachelor’s degree program Management and Media was offered at the Department of Business Administration for the first time. The Master’s degree program Management and Media was introduced in April 2013 with two focus areas: Journalism and Strategic Communication.

The realignment of the faculty was taken account through the closure of the existing scientific organizations and the re-foundation of five new institutes that represent the different disciplines existing at the faculty:

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