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Quietly Staff


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Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hartmann

Meso-mechanics modeling cement based materials


For the meso-mechanical modeling of concrete and its application to modeling macro-mechanical
01/1998-12/2008Dr.-Ing. Stefan Greulich
Material modeling at high loading rates
For the numerical simulation of reinforced concrete and fiber reinforced concrete structures und blast loading
08/2002-11/2007Dipl.-Ing. Gerrit Dittrich
Standardization, dynamics
04/2002-03/2007Dr.-Ing. Thomas Gollwitzer
Yielding composite, calculation of floor tiles, vibration protection
Finite bar elements for multi-part bond yielding cross sections for the calculation of ribbed shells board
07/2003-02/2006Dr.-Ing. Mihai Ionita
PC programming, network programming
11/2002-12/2005Dipl.-Ing. Jens-Uwe Raab, Hptm d.R.Functions for fire damage of concrete structures;
Experimental study of the behavior of concrete under short-and detonation contact
07/2003-06/2004Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Westermaier, M.Sc. 

Residual strength of damaged concrete slabs

07/2003-05/2004Dr.-Ing. Lars Rüdiger

Protection of infrastructure

02/2002-12/2003Dipl.-Ing. Anja Köhler

New media in teaching

02/2000-12/2002 Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Ostermann

Classification of bridges


Dipl.-Ing. Zaza Meskhi

Earthquake engineering 
07/1997-12/2001Prof. Dr.-Ing José Matias-LeonTheoretical and numerical studies of shock wave propagation in concrete and reinforced concrete

A contribution to the action of waves and shock waves in structures

05/1997-12/2001Dr.-Ing. Max RuppertProximity and contact detonation

For the numerical simulation of highly dynamic stressed concrete structures

01/1996-12/1997Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jun Wei 

Influences of creep, shrinkage, and steel relaxation on structural behaviour

09/1995-08/2001Dipl.-Ing. Albrecht Barke

Support the teaching and research tasks

06/1994-04/1998Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thorsten WanzekLoad behavior of connections in steel structures

On the theory, numerical analysis and experiments deformable connecting structures