Data-Snooping in Control Networks

des Instituts für Geodäsie

Heft 7/1982

Data-Snooping in Control Networks

Delft, Netherlands


In: BORRE, Kai / WELSCH, Walter M. (Eds.) [1982]:
International Federation of Surveyors - FIG -
Proceedings Survey Control Networks
Meeting of Study Group 5B, 7th-9th July, 1982, Aalborg University Centre, Denmark

Schriftenreihe Wissenschaftlicher Studiengang Vermessungswesen, Hochschule der Bundeswehr München, Heft 7, Neubiberg, S. 211-224.


In this paper, the testing of observations according to the B-method is explained. Attention is paid to the reliability achieved by this way of data-snooping and the possible influence of non-detected errors.

The choice of the testing parameters is discussed. Finally the practical application of the testing procedure is discussed and illustrated by some examples.

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