Strength Analysis of Horizontal Networks Using Strain

des Instituts für Geodäsie

Heft 7/1982

Strength Analysis of Horizontal Networks
Using Strain

Toronto, Canada


In: BORRE, Kai / WELSCH, Walter M. (Eds.) [1982]:
International Federation of Surveyors - FIG -
Proceedings Survey Control Networks
Meeting of Study Group 5B, 7th-9th July, 1982, Aalborg University Centre, Denmark

Schriftenreihe Wissenschaftlicher Studiengang Vermessungswesen, Hochschule der Bundeswehr München, Heft 7, Neubiberg, S. 181-196.


A method for the strength analysis of horizontal geodetic networks is developed. While the existing approaches are based on studying the behaviour of random errors, our study is based on the ability of the network to deform. How easy it is for the network to experience a scale change, twist or shear is determined. "Forces" to deform the network come from changing the values of observations by an amount equal to their standard deviation.

Displacements due eo a change in an observed value are determined as an intermediate step; this is done through a metrix transforming changes in observed values to displacements. The displacements are then transformed to strain parameters of which the largest at each station are plotted to show the strength of the network. Both a simulated and a real network are used to test the new approach.

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