Recent Trends in Lemon Creek Glacier

des Instituts für Geodäsie

Heft 50/1997

Recent Trends in Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska *

Melvin G. MARCUS / Fred B. CHAMBERS /
Maynard M. MILLER / Martin LANG

In: WELSCH, Walter M. / LANG, Martin / MILLER, Maynard M. (Hrsg.) [1997]:
Geodetic Activities Juneau Icefield, Alaska, 1981-1996.
Schriftenreihe des Studiengangs Vermessungswesen der Universität der Bundeswehr München, Heft 50, Neubiberg, S. 185-197.


This paper has described the 1989 re-mapping of Lemon Creek Glacier, Alaska, and in conjunction with 1948 und 1957 maps of the glacier, identified 9-year and 32-year changes of glacier mass und terminal position. The four-decade period was one of overall glacier wastage, with a loss of about one-seventh of the glacier's total mass. These results correspond to negative mass balance trends for West Gulkana Glacier in the eastern Alaska Range [CHAMBERS et al., 1991] and McCall Glacier in the Brooks Range during 1958-1971 [DORRER and WENDLER, 1976].

It is not the intent of this paper to address climatic implications of the IGY mass balance data. It should be noted, however, that the relationship of glacier behaviour to climate change in northwestern North America cannot be defined solely from selected, „representative” IGY glaciers such as Lemon Creek. They provide valuable inputs to interpretation of the glacier-climate equation in lower elevations, but glaciers at higher elevations will have to be included to understand more fully these important interacting processes.


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