GPS-Technology and Methodology for Geodetic Applications

des Instituts für Geodäsie

Heft 20-1/1985

GPS  -  Technology and Methodology
for Geodetic Applications

- Review Paper -

Philipp HARTL / Wolfgang SCHÖLLER / Karl-Heinz THIEL
Universität Stuttgart


In: WELSCH, Walter M. / LAPINE, Lewis A. (Hrsg.) [1985]:
International Federation of Surveyors - FIG -
Proceedings Inertial, Doppler and GPS Measurements for National and Engineering Surveys
Joint Meeting of Study Groups 5B and 5C, July 1-3, 1985

Schriftenreihe Universitärer Studiengang Vermessungswesen, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Heft 20-1, Neubiberg, S. 209-226.


Present and final system configuration of the GPS-NAVSTAR and possible applications are reviewed. The pseudo-random noise-sequences (PRN-coding), in combination with Doppler and phase measurements, allow the realization of an extremely precise and flexible system for many kinds of navigation purposes.

The design concept alternatives for GPS-receivers are discussed with respect to the application of

  • One and Two.carrier Receiving Systems
  • One or Multiple Ranging Receiver Channels
  • Analog of Digital Circuitry
  • Ranging Code Information or
  • Only Code and Carrier Information
  • Carrier Phase Extraction.

Actually available GPS-receivers are reviewed.

The various geodetic and geodynamic measurements tasks are shortly discussed in view of applicable measurement configurations.

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