Reports on Pilot Projects on Integrated Survey Systems

des Instituts für Geodäsie

Heft 2/1978

Session IV

Reports on Pilot Projects
on Integrated Survey Systems

In: CHRZANOWSKI, Adam / DORRER, Egon, assisted by McLAUGHLIN, John (Eds.) [1978]:
Proceedings Standards and Specifications for Integrated Surveying and Mapping Systems
Workshop held in Munich, Federal Republic of Germany, 1-2 June 1977

Schriftenreihe des Wissenschaftlichen Studiengangs Vermessungswesen der Hochschule der Bundeswehr München, Heft 2, Neubiberg, S. 93-139.


Moderators A. Chrzanowski  (Canada)
  E. Dorrer  (Germany)
Reporters J. McLaughlin  (Canada):
The Maritime Land Registration and Information Service (L.R.I.S.)
  H. R. Andris  (Switzerland)
A Graphical-Numerical Interactive System (GNIS)
  E. Stark  (Germany):
The Project Appenweier
  L. Mauelshagen  (Germany):
"Rheidt" Test Field Analysis
  K.- Blachnitzky  (Germany):
The Project Moosach
  P. Waldhäusl  (Austria):
The Vienna Experiment of OEEPE/C
Discussants A. Grün  (Germany)
  R. Dörschel  (Germany)

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