Veröffentlichungen 2011

Neumann, I. and Dennig, D. (2011): Development of the kinematic Crane-Track-Surveying-System “RailControl“ - Reducing Operational Interruption of Crane Tracks. In: Allgemeine Vermessungs-Nachrichten (AVN), Nr. 5/2011, S. 162-169.
[Reviewed Journal Paper]

Kutterer, H.and Neumann, I. (2011):Recursive least-squares estimation in the case of interval observation data. International Journal of Reliability and Safety 2011 - Vol. 5, No.3/4, pp. 229 – 249.
[Reviewed Journal Paper]

Neumann, I. and Kutterer, H.(2011):Optimal hypothesis testing in case of regulatory thresholds. In: Sneeuw, N.; Novák, P.; Crespi, M.; Sansò, F. (Eds.): Proceedings of the 7thHotine-Marussi-Symposium, International Association of Geodesy Symposia, Springer, Berlin New York, Vol. 137.
[Reviewed Paper]

Neumann, I. and Kutterer, H. (2011sub): State-space filtering with respect to data imprecision and fuzziness.International Workshop on the Quality of Geodetic Observation and Monitoring Systems.
[Submitted, Reviewed Paper]

Werner, S.; Neumann, I.; Thienel, K.-C. And Heuncke, O. (2011sub):A fractal-based approach for the determination of concrete surfaces using laser scanning techniques - a comparison of two different measuring systems. Cement and Concrete Research.
[Submitted, Reviewed Journal Paper]

Neumann, I.; Kreinovich, V.; Kutterer, H. and Modave, F. (2010sub): How to Process Regulatory and Expert based Thresholds in Situations with Uncertainty. International Journal of Applied Statistics.
[Submitted, Reviewed Journal Paper]