Svenja Reiß

Svenja Reiß



  • 10/2006 – 02/2010 Studies of Mathematics, Minor subject: Physics, Technical University Munich, B.Sc.
  • 08/2011-01/2012 Mathematics and Life Science, University of the French West Indies and Guiana, Guadeloupe, France, M.Sc.
  • 04/2010-02/2013 Studies of Mathematics, Technical University Munich, M.Sc.


 Professional experience

  • 02/2012 – 05/2012 CFD+engineering, Munich, Internship in the field of site assessment of wind farms, working on an algorithm for predicting wind conditions
  • 06/2012 – 02/2013 CFD+engineering, Munich, Master’s Thesis „Correlation Analysis and Site Assessment of Wind Turbines using CFD Simulations “, Finding optimal distribution of wind turbines at onshore wind farms
  • since 04/2013 Munich University of the Federal Armed Forces, Institute for Traffic, Transport and Regional Planning, PhD student in the field of traffic engineering


Current projects and research focus

  • Assistance for the project “DC-charging-station at Olympiapark“
  • Empirical analysis of Bike Sharing Systems
  • Planning/modelling of urban Bike Sharing Systems
  • Relocation Strategies for public Bike Sharing Systems
  • Optimization of  E-Bike Sharing Systems and the charging infrastructure



  • Spring 2013: Smart Vehicles
  • Autumn 2013 and 2014: Transportation Informatics, Lessons and Exercises


Supervised Theses

  • Roman Dittrich – Effect of Speed Displays on in-town Speed Levels in a selected Village, Spring 2013
  • Annika Hansen – Analysis of international E-Bike Sharing Systems and Design of a System in Munich, Winter 2013/14