Current research projects

The research in the area of ​​"traffic engineering" currently focuses on:

  • Traffic flow theory and traffic patterns

  1. Identification of causes of traffic congestion on highways using empirical traffic data analysis
  2. Determination of congestion patterns, their probability of occurrence, their spatial distribution and their impact on the energy consumption of vehicles
  3. Empirical analysis of traffic parameters with and without variable speed limit systems


  • Car sharing systems for consumers and business

  1. Model for the determination and prediction of the individual car sharing demand

  2. Optimization of intervention strategies for "free-floating" car sharing systems

  3. Impact of car sharing systems on car ownership and traffic land use

  4. Use of electric vehicles in car sharing

  5. Use of car-sharing approaches in companies


  • Quality of traffic information

  1. Models for determining the quality of traffic information

  2. Optimization of the quality management process for traffic information


  • Cooperative Transportion Systems