Development of a Methodology to Generate Flood Protection Concepts Considering Climate Change in the Windach Catchment

Sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health




Period of Sponsorship: 2007 – 2010





As recent flood events have shown, decentralized flood protection measures are necessary for an integrated flood protection management besides technical flood protection measures.

The aim of the project is to investigate the effectiveness of additional retention basins in the Windach catchment downriver of the main retention basin (called “Windachspeicher”). The results will be compared with the simulation of different decentralized flood retention measures by using time series of real events and different climate scenarios. The project is subdivided into the following steps:



Literature Research


In this part the current state of the art about decentralized flood protection measures is presented including theoretical and practical examples (with the focus on Bavaria). On one hand the literature and data research will be completed by simulation results and examples from different regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and on the other hand by support of technical authorities for environment, water, agriculture and forestry.



Simulation of Decentralized Flood Protection Measures including Climate Scenarios


By using the rainfall-runoff model WaSiM-ETH 8.2.4 and the 2-dimensional hydrodynamic-numerical model HYDRO_AS-2D the effects of land-use scenarios, varied types of tillage in agriculture, drainage, small basins in the catchment area and renaturation on different flood events will be quantified. The influence of climate change will also be investigated in these simulations.



Concept for Flood Protection


Regarding climate scenarios and different flood events as result of this study an effective concept for flood protection by combining technical and decentralized flood protection measures will be developed as the final outcome of the project.