at the Chair for Cartography and Topography


1st Academic Year

1st Trimester

Geomorphology and Soil Science  -  2 trimester hours
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. K.-F. Wetzel* (University of Augsburg)

3rd Trimester

Topography  -  2 trimester hours

Map Projections -  2 trimester hours
Topographical Terrain Tutorial  -  3 days


2nd Academic Year

5th Trimester

Cartography I  -  3 trimester hours

6th Trimester

Cartography II  -  2 trimester hours


3rd Academic Year
Degree Course Photogrammetry, Cartography and Remote Sensing

8th Trimester

Thematic Cartography  -  2 trimester hours

  -  2 trimester hours

9th Trimester

Cartography III -  3 trimester hours
Dr.-Ing. T. Reichenbacher* (University of Zurich)

Advanced Seminar  -  6 trimester hours



* = Part-time Lectureship


(only in German)