Geoscientific Spitsbergen-Expedition (SPE) 1990-1992

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Spitsbergen Expeditions

Karte 1599
"Deliniatio cartae trium navigationum ..."
drawn by Willem Barents [ca. 1550-1597],
processed and published by Cornelis Claeszoon [ca. 1580-1633] 1599 in Den Haag
(Source: http://www.ub.uit.no/northernlights/ger/maps.htm)

Enlarged cut-out see below

Discovery by Vikings (Svalbard)
Rediscovery by Willem Barents [approx. 1550-1597]
First accurate coast und fjord map of Spitsbergen
First map of the whole Archipelago - Giles and Rep Map
British Expedition under C. J. Philipps
British Expedition under Admiral Sir Philip Bowes Vere Broke [1776-1841]
French Expedition
Swedish Expedition under Prof. Otto Martin Torell [1828-1900]
2nd Torell-Expedition
Swedish Expedition under Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld [1832-1901]
2nd Nördenskiöld-Expedition
First German North Pol Expedition under Karl Koldewey [1837-1908]
German Expedition under Theodor von Heughlin [1824-1876]
1872 3rd Nordenskiöld-Expedition
Austrian Expedition under Johann (Hans) Nepomuk Wilczek [1837-1922]
1889 German Expedition under Willy Kükenthal [1861-1922]
4th Nordenskiöld-Expedition
1892/93 Austrian Expedition under Prinz Heinrich von Bourbon [1851-1905]
1895 British Expedition under Commodore L. Atkinson
1896/97 British Expeditionen under Sir William Martin Conway [1856-1937]
1898 Swedish Expedition under Prof. Alfred Gabriel Nathorst [1850-1921]
Swedish Expedition under Baron Gerard Jakob DeGeer [1858-?]
1899 Expedition of Prince Albert of Monaco [1848-1922]
1899-1902 Swedish-Russian "Arc of Meridian Expedition"
1906 Scottish Expedition under Dr. William Spiers Bruce [1867-1921]
2nd Expedition of Prince Albert of Monaco directed by Gunnerius (Gunnar) Ingvald Isachsen [1868-1939]
1907 2nd Bruce-Expedition
3rd Expedition of Prince Albert of Monaco directed by G. Isachsen
German Expedition under Franz-Karl von Bock [1876-?] and Bernhard Graf Poninski [1872-?] to the Liefdefjord
1908 2nd DeGeer-Expedition
1909 3rd Bruce-Expedition
Norwegian Expedition under G. Isachsen
1910 2nd Isachsen-Expedition
Norwegian Expedition under Gunnar Holmsen [1880-?]
Swiss Expedition under Auguste Dubois [1862-1923]
German Expedition under Wilhelm Filchner [1877-1957]
1911-14 Norwegian Expedition under Adolf Hoel [1879-?] and Arve Staxrud [1881-1933]
1912 4th Bruce-Expedition
1914 5th Bruce-Expedition
1917/18 Norwegian Expedition under Adolf Hoel [1879-?] and Sverre Røvig [1878-?]
1919 Norwegian Expedition under Adolf Hoel
Scottish Expedition under Dr. William Spiers Bruce [1867-1921] and Robert Neale Rudmose-Brown [1879-?]
1920 Scottish Expedition under John Mathieson [1855-?]
Swedish Hydrographic Expedition under Gustaf Paul Reinius [1874-?]
1921 British Expedition under F. G. Binney
1923 2nd Binney-Expedition
Norwegian Expedition under Thor Iversen [1873-?]
1924 3rd Binney-Expedition - "Oxford University Arctic Expedition"
2nd Iversen-Expedition
1931 Swedish-Norwegian Expedition under Hans Jakob Konrad Wilhelmsson Ahlmann [1889-?]
1933 British Expedition under A. R. Glenn
1934 Polish Expedition under S. Bernadzikiwicz
1935/36 2nd Glenn-Expedition
1938 German Spitsbergen Expedition to the Hornesund
1962 Spitsbergen Expedition of the GDR to the Kongsfjord
1990-92 Geoscientific Spitsbergen-Expedition (Germany, Norway, Swiss)

Kartenausschnitt 1599
Enlarged cut-out of the map
"Delinieatio cartae trium navigantionum ..."
by Willem Barents from 1599


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