Rofan Mountains

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Revision of Maps of the German Alpine Club

Map of the Rofan 1:25,000


Pilot Project 1:

"Supply of Digital Map Technology for the Revision of Maps of the German Alpine Club Illustrated by Settlement Areas in the Range of the Alpine Map Rofan 1:25,000"

Produced at the Chair for Cartography and Topography of the Bundeswehr University Munich by Dipl-(Ing.(UAS) Uwe G. F. Kleim, supervised by Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kurt Brunner.

(Alpine Club Map No. 6)

Topographical field mapping and digital man revision on the settlement areas around the Achensee as well as the extention of the map through a digital adding of a strip 6 cm in hight on the northern end of the map by use of Aldus FreeHand software.

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Rofan Mountains


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