High Mountains Cartography

Revision of Maps of the German Alpine Club

Map of the Brenta Group 1:25,000

1981-1988, 1996

Research Project:

"Examination to Map Revision and Accuracy of a Highly Out-Dated High Mountains Map with Natur-Oriented Descriptive Rock Drawing Illustrated by the Map of the Brenta Group of the German and Austrian Alpine Club Scaled 1:25,000 from 1908"

(Alpine Club Map No. 51)

After more than a yearlong preparation the Chair for Cartography and Topography of the Bundeswehr University Munich made is its business in 1982 to revise and newly edit the map of the Brenta Group by L. Aegerter and H. Rohn from 1908. This decision based on a research project, with dealed with the examination to the revision and accuracy of this map, which is, in the most part, highly out-dated, but by the classical rock drawing unequaled until this day.

The results of this research project are compiled in the
"Brenta-Monographie - Grundlagenforschung auf dem Gebiet der Hochgebirgskartographie"
edited by G. Neugebauer
with reports from D. Beineke, H. C. Berann, W. de Concini, G. Hell, D. Herm, H. Immel, U. Kleim, G. Neugebauer and K. Ringle
Publication of Surveying of the Bundeswehr University Munich, Vol. 24, Neubiberg, 1987, 187 p.
With their reports nine authors have dealed with eleven partial aspects and for this reason they have made possible a diversification of this theme.

Revision and New-Edition of the map of the "Brenta Group 1:25,000" from 1908
  • Producer:
    Chair for Cartography and Topography of the Bundeswehr University Munich (UniBwM), Neubiberg, 1982-1988
  • Planning and Supervision:
    Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Gustav Neugebauer (†)
  • Topographical Field Mapping of the complete map 1982-1986, 1996:
    Hans Behrens, Dieter Beineke, Richard Blanke, Johannes Fischer, J. Habersetzer, Matthias Hubmeier, Uwe G. F. Kleim, Reinhold Lehmann, Peter Mellmann, G. Merkel, Gustav Neugebauer, A. Schubert
  • Numbering of Alpine Club Hiking Trails and Orthography of Geographic:
    A. Valcanover (Commissione Sentieri S.A.T., Trento/Italy) 

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