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CHANGES from v1.1 -> v1.1b

a) Bug fix: The Loops parameter should now work correctly.
b) Slight changes in the internal memory handling.
c) New: Parameters MinDelay and MaxDelay. Now the user can only
   alter the speed (using "+", "-" keys) between these values.
d) New: ZipFile parameter. The FLI file can be stored in a ZIP archive.
   The FLI is extracted from the archive and only compressed data are

CHANGES from v1.1b -> v1.1c

No changes of functionality, only internal modifications.
a) Keyboard usage should work better.
b) Loading should go faster and be more stable.

CHANGES from v1.1c -> v1.2b

No changes of functionality, only internal and formal modifications.
a) The source is now distributed under the terms of the
   GNU General Public License.
b) A timing problem which occured on some configurations was resolved
   (contribution of Steven A. Hans).