BVLNet - 3dview

BVLnet - 3dView

3dView is an addon for -> BVLnet turning the DrawBoard component into a 3d visualisation tool.

Smoothly color shaded 3d triangles (optionally smoothly illuminated using independent normal vectors at the vertices) and lines are z-ordered and mapped to the plane using central projection and inserted into the embedded DrawBoard.

The DrawBoard component allows panning, zooming, printing and exporting of the scene in vector format.

The user can change the projection parameters (look-at- and eye-point) and view the results repeatedly.


Installation and Usage

Unpack the archive in the BVLnet main installation folder.

The functionality is provided using only two source files: threedview.cpp and threedview.h.

The application main.cpp illustrates the usage with a function plotting example using wire-frame, flat and shaded triangles. See the header for a detailed API description.


Current Version is R1 from 2003-04-01:

  • (7 kB) source archive for all supported plattforms