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This is the README file of the fliplay applet (Version 1.2b).

The software is distributed under the terms 
of the GNU General Public License. For more details 
see the file 'COPYING'.

Files:             source
fliplay.class            class file
flickframe.class         class file
COPYING                  GPL
README                   this file

The class files were compiled using the JDK 1.1.8.
The command was 'javac -O'.

Example usage:

<APPLET code=fliplay.class width=320 height=200>
<PARAM name=File value=fishix.fli>
<PARAM name=Speed value=30>
<PARAM name=Loops value=10>
<PARAM name=End value=-1>

List of parameters:

Parameter Default Alternative       Function
name      value   values
Speed     100     Positive integer  Delay time between frames in milliseconds
Loops     -1      Positive integer  Number of loops to be played
                                    (-1 = infinite)
End       0       Integer           Number of frame, which is displayed 
                                    when the animation stops after N loops. 
				    Negative number means counted backwards
				    from the end of the fli/flc-animation.
Auto      no      yes               If "yes", the auto-reverse (Ping-Pong) 
                                    play is enabled.
Reverse   no      yes               If "yes", the animation is played
ClickPanel yes    no                If "yes", a control panel occurs when 
                                    the animation is
                                    stopped by mouse click.
Keyboard  yes     no                If "yes", then the animation can be
                                    controlled interactively by the keyboard.
Block     64      Positive integer  Defines the block height for the
                                    internally used patch blocks. A smaller
				    value may save memory but can slow down
				    the animation.
Box       no      yes               If "yes", then internally used boxes are
                                    marked and displayed. This is mainly for
				    control purposes and disturbs the
				    original images.
Debug     no      yes               If "yes", a lot of internal information
                                    is written to the Java console.
TextColor white   black, red        Color of the text. During loading the 
                                    first frame is displayed and the number
				    of the currently loaded frame is
                                    written in the lower left corner using
				    the specified color.
PanelColor 0      1,2,3             Set the color style for the panel, which
                                    appears when the animation is stopped
				    by mouse click.
MinDelay  30      Positive integer  Minimum delay time in milliseconds
MaxDelay  10000   Positive integer  Maximum delay time in milliseconds
ZipFile   no      yes               If "yes", the input file is a ZIP file,
                                    which contains as first entry the
				    FLI/FLC file.

Keyboard usage:

Key                  Function
                     Running                   Stopped
SPACE-BAR            Stop                      Restart
Dot (.)              Stop & Set forward play   Step forward & Set forward play
Comma (,)            Stop & Set reverse play   Step backward & Set reverse play
Plus (+)             Increase animation speed
Minus (-)            Decrease animation speed
Null (0)             Set initial animation speed
(R) or (r)           Toggle play direction: backward/forward

For more info see:

-- Klaus Ehrenfried (