PBC Workshop 2014

Workshop Information

In recent years there has been a shift of emphasis towards outcomes and results in manufacturing and service industries and across private and public sector settings. Performance-based contracting (PBC) has proven its efficiency and effectiveness at least in aerospace and capital investment industries or the public sector.

The prominence of PBC in management practice is reflected in the burgeoning academic literature on the topic, which is however rather fragmented across disciplines and application contexts.

Scholars working on the topic may profit by exchanging their understanding, perspectives, and objectives on the topic of PBC. This was the initial idea to organize the following workshop and we would be very happy to welcome you in Munich to this event. Save the date and register!

Call for Interest | Call for Papers

1st International Workshop on Performance-Based Contracting

Bundeswehr University, Munich

7-8 July 2014


This workshop aims at the following aspects:

1) to bring together scholars who are working on PBC and related topics in order to establish an international research community, and

2) to create a platform for exchange of ideas and discussions taking an interdisciplinary perspective.


Scope of the workshop
All scholars interested in the area of performance-based contracting are welcome to attend the workshop and present their ideas and/or engage in lively discussions. Some indicative topics/interest areas are provided below:

• Performance-based contracting
• Performance-based logistics
• Procurement of complex performance
• Performance-based contracting in service triads and networks
• Performance-based contracts for integrated products and services
• Servitized business models
• PBC and innovation