The workshop is organized by the organizing committee together with ITIS e.V. at Bundeswehr University Munich.


The chair for materials management and logistics from the Bundeswehr University Munich and ITIS e.V. are proud to present the following sponsors of the PBC-Workshop 2014



number one partner in purchasing and logistics


Silf Competence is the number one competence development partner for the North European industry and trade within the areas of purchasing, logistics and Supply Chain.

Operations started fifty years ago in Stockholm, Sweden. The aim was, and is now, to provide development services for purchasing, sourcing and supply professionals - to help companies achieve greater success through effective supplier relations.



leading multi-disciplinary network of academics and practitioners


IPSERA is the leading multi-disciplinary network of academics and practitioners dedicated to the development of knowledge concerning Purchasing and Supply Management.

The IPSERA provides a platform (conferences, workshops, courses) to exchange ideas, stimulate discussions and reflect on concepts, theories and educational forms and methods in an open atmosphere.

The topics discussed and issues raised improve the professional quality ofthose, active in the field of purchasing and supply.