Call for Papers and Submissions

Call for Papers and Submissions


Please register for the PBC-Workshop 2014 by sending an email with the attached Registration Form to Dr. Andreas H. Glas or Dr. Kostas Selviaridis by 30 May 2014. Please notify us whether you are intending to present a paper during the workshop. Participants that would like to present a paper should include in their emails the title of the paper and the abstract.

Please click to download the Registration Form.


Call for Papers

Contributors are invited to submit an abstract (max 200 words) for consideration for inclusion in the workshop program by 30 May 2014. After notification of acceptance, contributors are expected to submit a short paper (between 2,000 – 5,000 words – including references) by 20 June 2014. This short paper can be of conceptual, theoretical and/or empirical nature and cover any aspect of performance-based contracting. We also welcome insights coming from work in progress manuscripts that can form the basis for fruitful discussions.

Additionally, this PBC workshop also provides a forum for researchers to discuss and develop their research ideas and work in progress manuscripts for subsequent publication. In particular, we refer to the special issue call for papers of the Industrial Marketing Management on PBC.



Please submit your papers via e-mail to Dr. Andreas H. Glas or Dr. Kostas Selviaridis.