Heft 7/1982

des Instituts für Geodäsie

Heft 7/1982

BORRE, Kai /
WELSCH, Walter

International Federation of Surveyors - FIG -

Survey Control Networks

Meeting of Study Group 5B, 7th-9th July, 1982, Aalborg University Centre, Denmark

428 S.

ISSN:  0173-1009

Table of Contents



Table of Contents

Preface 1
Programme of Sessions 5
Recommendations 7
List of Participants 9
Anderson, Edward G.
     Towards Total Optimization of Surveying and Mapping

Andersson, Olaf / Engsager, Karsten / Weng, Willy L.
     Computation and Data-Management of Blocks of
     Medium Size Geodetic Networks

Augath, Wolfgang
     Accuracy and Reliability Measures Concerning Design and
     Qualification of Densification Networks

Banov, Bano
     A Special Method to Derive a Criterion Matrix

Barbarella, Maurizio / Unguendoli, Marco
     Analysis of Some Densification Networks in Italy

Benciolini, Battista / Betti, Barbara / Mussio, Luigi
     A Remark on the Application of the GPS Procedure
     to Very Irregular Graph

Blachnitzky, Klaus
     Status and Problems of Official Horizontal Densification
     Networks as Shown by the Federal Republic of Germany

Buiten, Hendrik J. / Richardus, Peter
     Junction of Control Surveys by Adjustment Compared with
     Coordinate Transformation

Crosilla, Fabio
     A Criterion Matrix for the Second Order Design of Control

Cross, Paul / Fagir, Ali
     Procedures for the First and Second Order Design of Vertical
     Control Networks

Dare, Peter / Vaníček, Petr
     Strength Analysis of Horizontal Networks Using Strain

Förstner, Wolfgang
     Systematic Errors in Photogrammetric Point Determination

Heus, Henk de
     Data-Snooping in Control Networks

Heus, Henk de
     Quality Related Problems of Densification Networks

Hradilek, Ludvík
     Horizontal and Vertical Survey Control by Three-Dimensional

Krumm, Friedhelm
     Criterion Matrices for Estimable Quantities

Mierlo, Jan van
     Difficulties in Defining the Quality of Geodetic Networks

Niemeier, Wolfgang
     Principal Component Analysis and Geodetic Networks  -
     Some Basic Considerations

Ninkov, Tosa
     A New Method of Land Surveying Networks Optimization

Papo, Haim B. / Perelmuter, Avraham
     Densification of a Network as a Special Case of Deformation

Pelzer, Hans
     Influence of Systematic Effects in Stochastic and Functional

Perović, Gligorije
     Some Estimable Functions in Geodetic Networks

Poder, Knut
     Data Processing and Adjustment

Quee, Herman
     On the Stochasticity of Alignment-Functions for Automated
     Track Maintenance Machines

Remmer, Ole
     Modelling Errors in Geometric Levelling

Schmitt, Günter
     Optimization of Control Networks  -  State of the Art

Sjöberg, Lars
     Station Adjustment of Directions Using Generalized Inverses

Welsch, Walter M.
     Network Densification  -  Problems and Solutions

Zlatanov, Georgi
     The Increment Method



Study Group 5B of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) was called into existence in 1980 when it became obvious that the work of the huge Commission 5 of FIG could not reasonably be continued without splitting up its activities into several study groups. One of them has become Study Group 5B on "Survey Control Networks". During the Symposium of Commission 5 on "Automated Processing of Surveying Data" in Varna, Bulgaria, 1980, the idea was born to hold a meeting of SG 5B in Aalborg, Denmark.

The plan could be realized at the University Centre of Aalborg from 7th - 9th July, 1982. The general subject of the meeting has been dedicated to the quality of Networks according to the recommendation of the FIG-Congress in Montreux, 1981, to emphasize the evaluation of control networks under the aspects of stochasticity. The five main topics: Data Processing and Adjustment, Interaction of Stochastic and Functional Models, Quality of Networks, Network Densification, and Optimization of Control Networks, can be seen from this point of view.

The meeting intended to stimulate information exchange among researchers and practitioners. Fifty participants coming from fifteen countries, discussed theoretical and practical problems. The attempt was made to have a good theory applied to a better practice. Moreover, with respect to the XVII. FIG-Congress in Sofia, Bulgaria, 1983, another purpose of the meeting was to clarify the state of art and to work out those points which should be treated with particular emphasis in the next future. As a result, in the closing session the participants agreed to the recommendations listed below. Thus, the meeting functioned as a sign-post: marking the stand-point and showing the direction.

The proceedings have been edited in the most simple way by printing the manuscripts delivered by the authors ready for photo reproductions. This procedure provides a publication as fast as possible.

The meeting itself and the publication of the proceedings was sponsored by DEN DANSKE LANDINSPEKTØRFORENING, the AALBORG UNIVERSITY CENTRE and the HOCHSCHULE DER BUNDESWEHR MÜNCHEN. The organizers are grateful to the sponsors. However the thank of the editors goes particularly to the authors an to all those unnamed persons who directly or indirectly contributed to the meeting which was held in a very competent, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Kai Borre

Walter M. Welsch


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