House Rules of the University of the Bundesswehr Munich

By entering the area covered by these house rules, visitors to the 50th anniversary celebrations of UniBw M in Neubiberg accept the validity of these house rules:

§ I. Scope of application

  1. The house rules apply to the entire event area including the access and exit routes to and from the premises of the University of the Bundeswehr Munich. The house rules apply to all visitors and members of UniBw M.
  2. Violations of the house rules may result in immediate expulsion from the premises and exclusion from the event. Any violations of the law will be prosecuted.

§ II. House rules and their enforcement

The responsible operator of Bundeswehr facilities and real estate is the Federal Ministry of Defence (BMVg). The exercise of the householder's rights during the event remains with the Bundeswehr. The deployed functional staff exercises the householder's rights on behalf of the Commander of the Barracks. The security staff, in conjunction with the deployed military police, is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the house rules.

§ III. Access and stay of visitors

  1. The functional staff deployed by the Bundeswehr will decide on access to and stay on the event site. Particularly the checkpoints in the entrance area and the bus escorts are entitled to decide on the access of individual persons to the shuttle service or admission to the event site.

    It is not recommended to bring dogs or pets. Dogs are not permitted on the shuttle service.

  2. Subject to the consent of the persons concerned, the security staff may carry out an inspection of persons, also using technical aids, if they could pose a security risk due to alcohol or drug consumption, because they are carrying prohibited items, or for other reasons. If the persons concerned refuse to give their consent to the inspection, the security personnel is entitled to expel or remove the person concerned from the event premises in accordance with § 858 in conjunction with § 860 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

§ IV. Refusal of access

If visitors refuse to agree to control measures, do not follow the instructions of the function staff, are recognizably under the influence of alcohol or drugs, are recognizably prepared to use violence or to incite acts of violence, have the recognizable intention (e.g. by printing on clothing) of disrupting the event or are carrying prohibited objects as defined in paragraph V, they may be refused entry to the event premises or may be expelled from the premises.

§ V. Prohibited objects

Visitors are prohibited from bringing the following items onto the event grounds of the 50th anniversary celebration :

  • weapons of any kind;
  • objects that can be used as a weapon or as a missile;
  • gas spray bottles, corrosive or coloring substances, or pressure vessels for highly flammable or health-damaging gases (lighters are exempt from the prohibition);
  • glass bottles, jars and large plastic canisters;
  • pyrotechnic material, e.g., fireworks, Bengal fire, smoke-bombs, smoke powder, flares, sparklers, etc.
  • oxidizing items such as barbecues, barbecue utensils, or hookahs;
  • mechanically or electrically operated noise instruments (e.g. megaphones, gas horns, vuvuzelas, and whistles);
  • laser pointers;
  • publications, posters, flags, flagstaffs, banners, banners and other objects that serve to express opinions and convey racist, xenophobic, radical, extremist or political content;
  • bulky objects such as bicycles, tables, seating furniture, ladders, suitcases, and large bags;
  • drugs as defined by the German Narcotic Drugs Act (with the exception of medication).

§VI. Behavior

  1. Visitors must behave in such a way that other persons are not harmed, endangered or harassed. The instructions of the functional staff deployed by the Bundeswehr, the military police, the police, the fire department, the rescue and medical services as well as the event manager and their representatives must be complied with at all times.
  2. Safety-related equipment such as alarm systems and fire extinguishing equipment must remain freely accessible and unobstructed. Passages and evacuation and emergency escape routes must be kept clear at all times.
  3. In the event of evacuation, visitors must cooperate. The instructions of the functional and security staff must always be followed and visitors must proceed to the signposted and denoted assembly points.
  4. Visitors are prohibited from entering areas that are not accessible to them (security areas and dynamic areas), from overcoming, moving or manipulating barriers and people guidance systems, and from climbing onto facilities, objects, equipment and structures. It is prohibited to disrupt and endanger the operational process of the event and to communicate politically or religiously motivated propaganda, slogans and xenophobic statements. The carrying and distribution of flyers are not permitted. Any behavior that may cause danger, such as starting fires, throwing objects, damaging and manipulating exhibits and exhibition material will be prosecuted. Visitors are required to dispose of their garbage in the garbage containers provided (waste separation!) and to use exclusively the toilets in the sanitary facilities provided.

§ VII Liability

  1. Entering the event area is at your own risk. The operator is not liable for any personal injury or damage of property caused by third parties.
  2. With the exception of personal injury, the liability of the operator and its vicarious agents and the organizer is limited to intent and gross negligence.


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