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Military English

The Military and the English Language

Modulverantwortliche/r:  Anmeldung über studium plus
Dozentin:  Maria Yannopoulou, M.A.

1. SLP (3332)
2. Motivation

Anforderungen für die Scheinvergabe:

Presentation and handout
90 %  Class participation

Das Seminar erstreckt sich über 1 Trimester.

Inhalte und Qualifikationsziele:

Military forces across the world are co-operating and working together more closely than ever before. Often English is the operational language of several missions, particularly when militaries are co-operating with the United Nations and other international agencies.

This particular course focuses on language development and active participation, and is fully supported by authentic discussion, current affairs and task-based exercises.

It includes activities to master all language skills:

  • Practical speaking skills – speaking about oneself (background, home country and role, etc.), eliciting information from others, making presentations, delivering briefings, etc.
  • Practical reading skills – reading a variety of military-related topics.
  • Practical listening skills – listening to transmitted information, instructions and casual conversations.
  • Practical writing skills – writing reports plus other texts of various kinds.
  • Lexis and Grammar practice.

Language analysis, supportive error correction and constructive feedback are some of the key aspects provided for developing target language fluency and increasing student confidence.

Occasional lectures will be given by serving personnel.