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Raytheon, Lockheed Complete Another GPS III, OCX Development Exercise

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 18.12.2014.

On Wednesday (December 17, 2014) Raytheon Company announced successful completion of the fourth of five planned launch and early orbit exercises being undertaken together with Lockheed Martin to demonstrate new automation capabilities, information assurance, and launch readiness of the U.S. Air Force's next generation GPS III satellite and Operational Control System (OCX).

Errant Galileo FOC Satellite Signal Helps Provide First Positioning

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 17.12.2014.

Galileo's fifth satellite (and first fully operational capability, or FOC, spacecraft) — recently salvaged from an incorrect orbit  — has been combined with three predecessors to provide its very first position fix.

Test receivers at the European Space Agency (ESA) ESTEC technical center in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, and at the Galileo In-Orbit Test station at Redu, Belgium, received the signals at 12:48 GMT on December 9 from a quartet of Galileo satellites and fixed their horizontal positions to better than two meters.

Cut to GPS OCX Civil Funding Could Trigger New Delays as Scrutiny, Pressure Mount

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 16.12.2014.

Official: Foreign GNSS Signals Need FCC Authorization for Use in United States

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 16.12.2014.

Saudi Group Awards Water Resources Prize to GNSS Researchers

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 15.12.2014.

The GPS Reflections Group at the University of Colorado, Boulder, led by Dr. Kristine M. Larson, has received the Creativity Prize from the Council for the Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water.

The council awarded the prize today (December 15, 2014) at a ceremony preceding the 6th International Conference on Water Resources and Arid Environments (ICWRAE 6) taking place this week in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Canada Eases Rules for Commercial Unmanned Flights; UAV Mischief Mounts in U.S.

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 08.12.2014.

Galileo Satellite Recovered, Transmitting Navigation Messages

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 03.12.2014.

Europe's fifth Galileo satellite, one of two delivered into a wrong orbit by a Russian Soyuz-Fregat launcher in August, transmitted its first navigation signal in space on Saturday (November 29, 2014) after reaching its new target orbit.

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), a detailed test campaign is under way now the satellite has reached a more suitable orbit for navigation purposes.

2nd GLONASS-K1 Finally Reaches Space

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 02.12.2014.

Russia launched the second and final GLONASS-K1 flight-test satellite on Sunday (November 30, 2014) from the Plesetsk cosmodrome on board a Soyuz 2-1B rocket.

Built by ISS-Reshetnev, he satellite broadcasts five navigation signals in three frequency bands – L1, L2 and L3. A civil CDMA signal is among those to be transmitted in the L3 band. The spacecraft also carries new equipment to support the international search and rescue system COSPAS-SARSAT: a payload that can relay signals from users in distress.

Funding at Risk as Work on UAV Standards Falls Behind

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 28.11.2014.

Witnesses: FAA Funding Problems at the Heart of NextGen Problems

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 28.11.2014.

RIEGL LIDAR 2015 Scheduled for Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.11.2014.

RIEGL has announced that its next international user conference, RIEGL LIDAR 2015, will be held in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China,  next May.

“To meet the growing demand of our products in China, we’ve opened a new RIEGL CHINA office just recently. To recognize this development, we will hold our next user conference in Asia. We look forward to welcoming our international and Chinese community to the spectacular cities of Hong Kong and Guangzhou!” said Johannes Riegl Jr., RIEGL Chief Marketing Officer.

ING Robotic Aviation Opens New Facility

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.11.2014.

ING Robotic Aviation officially opened the doors to its new facility in Ottawa earlier this week—representing another step forward in the company’s move into the commercial market.

The Hon. James Moore, minister of Industry Canada, officially opened the Ottawa–Orléans the new 4,000-square-foot office, which houses sales, R&D, marketing, and operations production.

Insitu Launches ScanEagle 2

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.11.2014.

The next generation of Insitu’s ScanEagle platform is here.

Insitu officially launched the ScanEagle 2, ong-endurance UAS system, at the Euronavel Exhibition and Conference in Paris late last month (October 2014).

New Technology Could Enable UAVs to Fly Vertically

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.11.2014.

Using Unmanned Systems to Fight Wildfires

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.11.2014.