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News on GNSS - Inside GNSS

CSNC 2015 Raises BeiDou, GNSS Profile in China

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 18.05.2015.

Riding High with EGNOS

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 18.05.2015.

House Lawmakers Cut Civil GPS Funding across the Board

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 18.05.2015.

GAO Report, Senate Subcommittee Hearing Confront USAF on GPS III Programs

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 18.05.2015.

USAF Draft RFP Would Re-Open Competition for GPS Satellite Launch Services

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 14.05.2015.

International Working Group Agrees on Common GNSS SBAS Message Design

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 07.05.2015.

The next decade’s aircraft pilots will be able to rely on enhanced, reliable GNSS satellite navigation signals on a seamless basis across much of the world, thanks to decisions made at the latest gathering of worldwide GNSS augmentation system providers and experts.

Trimble Launches Multi-GNSS, Inertial Module and Enclosure

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 07.05.2015.

Trimble has introduced the BD935-INS module that combines a multi-frequency, multi-GNSS receiver with an integrated 3-D microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) inertial sensor package.

As part of Trimble's GNSS OEM portfolio, the new compact module augments real-time precise positioning with 3-D orientation, connectivity, and configuration capabilities designed to enable system integrators and OEMs to add GNSS and attitude to specialized or custom hardware solutions.

Lockheed Completes Integration of First GPS III Spacecraft

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 05.05.2015.

Lockheed Martin has finally been able to announce victory in its effort to complete integration of the first GPS Block III satellite.

Integration took place last month at the company’s GPS III Processing Facility near Denver, Colorado, bringing together the system module — which includes the navigation payload that performs the primary positioning, navigation, and timing mission — the functional bus containing the electronics that manage all satellite operations, and the propulsion core that enables the satellite to maneuver for operations on orbit.

Forsberg Acquires Starlink GNSS Accessories Product Line

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 01.05.2015.

Forsberg Services Ltd. has announced its recent acquisition of the StarLink product line from Raven Industries. StarLink products include inline amplifiers, coaxial down/up converters and fiber-optic link systems to enable and support extended cable runs for GNSS in navigation and time synchronization applications.

House Funding Bill Could Fuel Scrutiny of OCX, GPS Backup Options

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 29.04.2015.

Registration Still Open for ESA’s GNSS Summer School

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 28.04.2015.

Registrations are still available for the this year’s European Space Agency (ESA) International Summer School on Global Navigation Satellite Systems, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain, at the end of August.

Car Technology Choice Study Shows Low Interest in Navigation Functions

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 26.04.2015.

Navigation technologies appear to be losing their charm among new car buyers in the United States.
Twenty years after Detroit introduced the first in-vehicle car navigation systems, employing GPS and digital map technology, collision avoidance appears to be the common theme among the most popular automotive technologies, according to a new J.D. Power study released last Wednesday (April 22, 2015).

GPS Watch Finishes Back in the Pack at Boston Marathon

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 24.04.2015.

Novatel Launches Multi-GNSS Wideband Antenna

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 23.04.2015.

NovAtel Inc. today (April 23, 2015) launched the GPS-704-WB antenna, a wideband antenna that supports L-band as well as the frequencies of all current GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou), including B3 and E6 signals. Customers can use this antenna for GPS-only or multi-constellation applications, providing excellent flexibility for application developers, according to the company.

Air Force Sets Latest GPS Satellite 'Healthy'

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 21.04.2015.

In a Notice to NAVSTAR Users (NANU 2015028), the U.S. Air Force announced that the ninth GPS-IIF satellite, SVN-71/PRN-26, launched on March 25, 2015, has completed its operational checkout and was set to healthy and usable on Monday (April 20, 2015). This brings the number of satellites transmitting the L2C signal to 16 and those transmitting the L5 signal to 9.  

The next GPS-IIF satellite, IIF-10/SVN-72 is tentatively scheduled for launch on June 16.