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News on GNSS - Inside GNSS

India Space Officials Release IRNSS ICD

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 30.09.2014.

A signal-in-space (SIS) interface control document (ICD) for the standard positioning service (SPS) of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) is available for download from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) website.

FAA Begins Opening Airspace to Unmanned Aircraft as NextGen, ADS-B Draw Fresh Scrutiny

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 26.09.2014.

UnicoreComm Offers GPS/BeiDou Units, One with Integrated Inertial MEMS

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.09.2014.

Unicore Communications, Inc. offers the UM220-INS, a BeiDou/GPS+inertial MEMS dual system inertial navigation module for in-dash automotive navigation and high-end navigation, and the UB280, a BeiDou/GPS dual-System dual-antenna high precision heading board for precise RTK position and heading.

Sensonor Upgrades MEMS IMU; STIM300 Featured in NovAtel, Norbit Systems

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.09.2014.

Sensonor has announced new features for its STIM300, a small, lightweight micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) inertial measurement unit (IMU) that provides non-GPS–aided positioning in multiple domains.

The STIM300 — which can be used underwater, on land and sea, and in aeronautic and astronautic applications — now has real-time g-compensation in al axes and supports rates of up to 2000 degrees/second.

KVH Launches 2 FOG IMUs

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.09.2014.

KVH Industries, Inc., headquartered in Middletown, Rhode Island, has introduced the 1725 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and the 1775 IMU, advanced sensors designed to be integrated into a range of stabilization, pointing, and navigation applications.

The new products complement KVH’s 1750 IMU and create a range of choices for advanced six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) sensors with enhanced performance. All three products utilize the  E•Core ThinFiber technology of KVH’s DSP-1750 fiber optic gyro (FOG).

LocataNet-based White Sands High-Accuracy Reference System Nears Full Operation

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.09.2014.

The LocataNet installation at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), New Mexico, has completed its final system verification testing and is on schedule to become a fully operational capability in January 2015.

The network serves as the Non-GPS Based Positioning System (NGBPS) subsystem for the Ultra High Accuracy Reference System operated by the Central Inertial and GPS Test Facility (CIGFT) at WSMR. An article in the May/June 2012 issue of Inside GNSS describes the design and testing of the system.

Trimble Announces Wireless Data Link for GNSS RTK Surveying & Positioning

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.09.2014.

Available now, the XDL Rover 2 is equipped with Bluetooth wireless communication for ease in configuration and operation, including use with Android devices in the field. UHF data can be transmitted via Bluetooth to a paired host device for operational efficiency.

NovAtel Expands Pinwheel Antenna Product Line

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.09.2014.

NovAtel Inc. has introduced the GPS-702-GG-HV to its line of high-performance Pinwheel antennas. Tracking L1/L2 GPS and L1/L2 GLONASS frequencies, customers can use the same antenna for GPS-only or dual-constellation applications, reducing equipment costs and need for future redesign. With the same form factor and choke ring performance as the company’s other Pinwheel antennas, the GPS-702-GG-HV has been enhanced to provide the robustness needed for use under high vibration conditions.

Topcon Launches Two UAS Mapping Systems

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 20.09.2014.

Topcon Positioning Group has released two unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for mapping — the Sirius Pro and Sirius Basic.  Both systems are designed to produce accurate solutions for the automated mapping of a wide range of sites — regardless of terrain — including construction sites, mines and quarries, and for use in land surveying, power line and pipeline inspection as well as precision agriculture field mapping.

IFEN Launches SX3 Software Receiver

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 19.09.2014.

IFEN introduced its new SX3 GNSS software receiver, a major upgrade of the company’s SX-NSR, last week at the ION GNSS+ conference in Tampa, Florida. Redesigned hardware frontends feature four wideband RF frequency bands that can be split into a maximum of eight sub-bands per unit. At the same time the bandwidth has been expanded to a full 55 megahertz, offering additional signal power especially in the Galileo E5 band.

Falling Prices Will Spur Innovation, Competition in High-Precision GNSS Market

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 18.09.2014.

Harold Martin Returns to PNT NCO as Director

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 16.09.2014.

ESA Outlines Efforts to Rescue Wayward Galileo Satellites

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 16.09.2014.

Move to Allow GNSS-Interfering Pseudolites Emerges in Europe

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 15.09.2014.

Gen. John E. Hyten Interview: New AFSPC Commander Takes a Look at the GNSS Future

From Inside GNSS News. Published on 15.09.2014.