Particle suspension

Particle Suspension Dynamics in Microfluidics

Multiphase flows in micro-confined geometries are non-trivial problems: drops and particles introduce a high degree of complexity into the otherwise linear Stokes flows. The presence of drops or particles introduces alterations in the pressure distribution and on the evolving boundary conditions opening the door to nonlinearity into the system. We study different micro-confined geometries with dilute particle solutions and study the complexities of the flow by using a combination of μPIV, which we use to solve the hydrodynamic flow, and APTV to track the three-dimensional particle trajectories.  Our experiments on micron-designed shear-flows show and quantize different phenomena responsible for the chaotic dynamics in the system as particle layering, hydrodynamic clustering, swapping trajectories or particle displacement waves are identified and analyzed quantitatively through the experiments.


Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG).


Partners: Univ. Twente (The Netherlands), Univ. Sevilla (Spain).


Contacts: Dr. Alvaro Marin,  Dr. Massimiliano Rossi