atmoswt S

        Atmos. Windkanal


                                       Technical Data of the Wind Tunnel
          1 Air Flap                       9 Turbulence Screens              17 Honeycomb
          2 Air Flap                     10 Nozzle 1,85m x 1,85m          18 Fan Motor 350 kW
          3 Bypass Flaps            11 Honeycomb                           19 Turning Corner
          4 Blow-In Tower          12 Turntable                               20 Diffusor
          5 Sound Absorber       13 Test Section                           21 Sound Absorber
          6 Heating 1,2 MW       14 Windows / Doors                   22 Blow-Out Tower
          7 Turning Corner         15 Floor Panels heated/cooled   23 Air Flap
          8 Turning Vanes          16 Flexible Ceiling


Technical Characteristics of the Atmospheric Wind Tunnel


Electrical heating in the blow-in tower (N = 1,2 MW) to heat the air up to a maximum of 80 °C at a test section velocity of 4.0 m/s. Heating and cooling of the floor panels in the range between 0 °C and 150 °C in order to simulate neutral, robust and instable layered atmospheric boundary layer flows at ground level for Richardson numbers Ri between -0.4 and +0.4 and for geometric scales between 1 to 100 and 1 to 1000.
Open circuit with a closed test section. Flexible test section ceiling with adjustable height in order to arrange for preset pressure gradients (for example: dp/dx = 0) within the test section. Test section of great length (L = 22.0 m) for the natural generation of fully developed boundary layer flows of big height (up to 1.5 m). Cross sectional area of the test section about 4 m². Velocity in the test section adjustable between 2 m/s and 45 m/s.